BJJ Competition Training in Bend, Oregon

BJJ in Bend Oregon: Jiu-Jitsu Competition Training

At Connection Rio Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Bend, Oregon the experience we have in competing, teaching and coaching athletes has provided us with all of the necessary tools to meet the needs of our competitors. From IBJJF World champions to first time white belt competitors in regional championships like Subleague, Professor Dennis Asche has taught and helped prepare countless athletes for competitions in numerous venues and events around the world. 

If you are an avid competitor ready to take on the competition this year, we are where you want to be honing your skills and preparing your athletic abilities for success. The progressive drills and training methods of Professor Asche systematically build up skillsets from fundamentals to advanced specific tactics for competitions providing you with the arsenault of tools for your success. 

Nervous as a first time competitor about training with seasoned competitors in class?

At Connection Rio BJJ we scale the training to fit needs of all our athletes, from beginner to professional competitors in a way that allows everyone to train together in a mutually beneficial environment that stimulates the highest possible output from our students. 

Does Connection Rio BJJ have the necessary tools to provide you with what it takes to win on an international level? 

Without a doubt. Here at Connection Rio BJJ in Bend, Oregon we have everything you need to succeed in the highest levels of competition on an international level. If your goal is to be a world champion we will provide you with our commitment to your success. From correct programming in the cycle leading up to competing to quality coaching on site, we are here for you. With classes six days a week and options of training as early as 6am, we have got you covered. The necessary piece to attaining your goals is the commitment to dedicating yourself in making those goals reality. 

How do I get started?

Get on the mat and start training! The first step to competing is being active by consistently training Jiu-Jitsu. Whether you are a first time competitor or seasoned veteran of Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions, the first step is onto the mat. In order to ensure your success as a competitor you must first step on the mat and dedicate yourself to the commitment of training. 

At Connection Rio BJJ, we do more than train, we live Jiu-Jitsu. Join us on the mat and see for yourself! Contact Connection Rio today and start your journey: (541) 797-8762 / [email protected]