Conditioning for BJJ

Looking for Strength and conditioning to improve your Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Bend, Oregon? Connection Rio BJJ knows the best gym for you in Central Oregon.

If you are serious about improving your BJJ faster and better maintaining your health, strength and conditioning is a great option for you. 

First off, to clarify, by no means are we recommending that you replace your Jiu-Jitsu classes with strength and conditioning. However, programming that is geared specifically towards your BJJ training can be a great benefit that works hand in hand with your Jiu-Jitsu. There are many benefits of a well put together strength and conditioning regiment for BJJ that can range from injury prevention, increased flexibility, improved endurance, increased power, faster recovery time and more.

Sean Wells, Head Coach of Oregon Crossfit in Bend, Oregon is your best choice for professional, specialized programming in Central Oregon. Take a look at what Coach Sean has to say about getting yourself involved in a program geared to fit your individual needs – TRAINING WITH S1

Coach Sean is the best around. Schedule a consultation and experience his expert coaching for yourself.

-Dennis & Josarah Asche