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Experience the Best Gi and No-Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Bend

Connection Rio Jiu-Jitsu Academy is Bend’s premier BJJ gym offering the best BJJ throughout Central Oregon. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu possible. With over 25 years experience from Professor Asche (12 of those spent directly in the heart of BJJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and over 60 years combined with our instructors; we're proud to offer that world class instruction to adults and children throughout Bend, Central Oregon, and College Place, WA.

Our BJJ program includes both Gi and No-Gi training where the grips and techniques easily translate between the two styles providing skills for a well rounded ground game functional in a variety of situations. In addition, we offer a Q & A only class every Saturday morning with Professor Asche (ideal for beginners) where members can ask any questions about training, areas they are experiencing difficulties with, and any new techniques they wish to implement in their game. Join us today for world class instruction and come see for yourself first hand why we are Bend’s best BJJ gym.

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Why Is Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program Right For You?

With us, it doesn't matter how much experience you have, our programs are designed for everyone — from brand new beginners who have never trained martial arts to the more experienced practitioners. Whether you're interested in effective real life self defense, competition training, or simply raising the level of your game; our team goes above and beyond to help you learn the art of BJJ providing all the tools necessary to help you successfully reach your goals.

From day one, you'll enjoy hands on instruction that is scalable to meet the needs of all skill levels, ages, body types, and fitness levels. Every lesson, including our kid's classes are programmed and overseen by Professor Asche himself and modified accordingly for individual students.

Our BJJ classes in Bend offer:

  • Professional, world class instruction in a safe, fun, controlled and supportive environment
  • Effective real life self defense skills
  • Goal setting and game planning with consistent feedback
  • Total body fitness training including fat burning, lean muscle gains, improved flexibility, and cardio
  • Motivation, accountability, encouragement, and support

Find The BJJ Class That Works Best For You

Every single person who walks through our doors has a different goal in mind. At Connection Rio we're working hard to make them all a reality. That's why we offer multiple Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes - each with a distinct focus and skill set. Join us for your one week free trial and create the ideal training schedule that best fits your needs! 

Join us at Connection Rio Jiu-Jitsu Academy for:

All Levels Gi BJJ: All Levels Gi BJJ is suitable for all ages, skill levels, and body types. Each class is programmed in a progressive teaching method by Professor Asche well in advance maximizing your learning and muscle memory retention in the shortest amount of time possible. This class consists of warm ups utilizing fundamental drills and entries, technique drilling, and sparring. The technical portion is programmed to combine this weeks structured curriculum with those of last week and the week to follow, allowing for a more proficient construction of a complete Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, functional in a variety of situations.

No-Gi BJJ:  Our No-Gi classes are structured in the same progressive teaching method as described in our All Levels GI BJJ classes. Both classes follow the same curriculum where the grips and techniques easily translate between the two styles preparing the practitioners for a well rounded ground game no matter the type of setting. No-Gi BJJ is suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced, for recreational, fitness, and competitive athletes. 

Q & A With the Professor: Our Q & A with Professor Asche is a low intensity class providing the students the opportunity to focus on their specific needs every week. Every student may attend and ask questions about any techniques they wish to learn, areas they are experiencing trouble in during live sparring or competition, or any questions about their game they may have. Professor Asche will go over each question provided by the students with technique and drilling. There is no “free training” or sparring during this session. This class is ideal for those wanting to work on their technique and skills without the intensity that can come with sparring. For those wanting to work on the techniques learned in this class with positional sparring or in free training, they are welcome to do so in the sparring class following immediately after.

Sparring BJJ: Sparring BJJ follows immediately after our Q & A class with Professor Asche every Saturday providing the students the opportunity to further engrain the techniques they learned through extra drilling, positional sparring, and live rolling. This class is also ideal for those students in competition preparation or for those students wishing to get in more live rolling and will be paired up accordingly by Professor Asche depending on each individual’s goals and abilities.

Open Mat: Open mat is a non-structured class for members only. This session provides an opportunity for students to have time on the mat that can be used however they see fit. Although there are set hours for open and close of the session, there is no required time of arrival or required length of time to stay. Students are free to work on specific areas in their game whether it be drilling techniques, positional sparring, live training, or all of the above.

Private Lessons: Private lessons are opportune for students to accelerate learning in a one on one setting. 100% of the focus is on the individual’s needs in improving existing or building entirely new skill sets. There is no better way to improve the proficiency of your Jiu Jitsu more rapidly than in the setting of a private lesson.

Competition BJJ: For those individuals seeking athletic competition with individuals of the same age and skill set, we have the program for you. Our team will create a game plan to help prepare you both mentally and physically based on your goals. Whether it be submission only tournaments or an IBJJF competition, we have the tools, training, and support you need. Interested in competing? Then let’s get your game dialed in with our competition training!

Women's Only Self Defense Courses: This program is all about real life defense skills for women. This program offers a series of classes over a 4 week period. No prior experience is required and courses are designed to empower and educate women. In addition to practicing real life self defense skills and techniques, this course touches on subjects about human trafficking, boundaries, awareness of surroundings, and agency resources for any individual in need of help.

Law Enforcement Tactical Training: Our law enforcement tactical training is specifically designed to aid law enforcement officers by providing a skill set related to life-threatening encounters. Training includes classes in kimono, no-gi gear, and street clothing, simulating the variable options of grips, restraints and submissions to best prepare individuals tactically.

Don't Miss Out On Bend's Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

If you're looking for high-level instruction and an incredible environment, you've come to the right place. At Connection Rio Jiu-Jitsu Academy, we're helping people of all walks of life and skill levels thrive. Join us and try out our BJJ classes today! We offer one week free trial memberships with no commitment.

Join us in Bend and try out our BJJ classes today! Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more!

Join Us For The Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu In Bend

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