COVID-19 Closures and Social Responsibility

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COVID-19 Closures and Social Responsibility

As many of you know the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading throughout the world and has made its appearance in Oregon. More specifically, it has surfaced in Deschutes County. We have been making our best efforts in educating ourselves about the situation as much as we can and believe that we are taking the correct measures in keeping our academy safe and clean through daily sanitation procedures as best we can. The President of the United States declared a national emergency and Governor Kate Brown declared a state of emergency, temporarily suspending public schools through April 28th as of yesterday, strongly urging no gatherings of 25 people or more in attendance.


While there are many unknowns about the Coronavirus, as well as other viruses previous and present, there are some things that we do know.  


The Coronavirus is present. People are getting sick. Currently the virus has a very small percentage fatality rate. People are definitely panicking. Fear and ignorance are driving a lot of decisions. I do not believe that this is an end of the world scenario. I myself am not personally panicking nor is my family. However we are taking it serious and have been consistently taking measures to avoid any illness the best we can. I am still educating myself and I do not believe that we have all of the answers in regards to this virus.


There are some similarities related to the common cold and influenza but there are also some very distinct differences. Some of these are known and more information continues to emerge. I want more time to see how this unfolds and in the meantime I am going to follow the recommendations and actions of the Oregon government and will be suspending all classes from March 17th through April 1st.


I believe we all accept a personal level of risk when we commit to training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. There is always an inherit risk when we all come together to train. I do not believe anyone of my students would knowingly infect another student with a virus. The Coronavirus is a different animal. I can not, in good conscious, put my student base and whoever they come into contact with at risk while I continue to educate myself in regards to this virus. I believe the responsible thing to do is to see how this situation is going to unfold. This decision was not made lightly. Connection Rio is my livelihood and my family’s sole source of income. I appreciate your understanding on my decision while educating myself on the situation.


When we reopen on April 1st, I plan on releasing our full new schedule with training seven days a week and we can hardly wait!  


Take a look at what we are offering our Connection Rio BJJ students.



Best Regards,


Dennis A. Asche


BJJ in Bend Oregon Connection Rio


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